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Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website - ATTEX

"We do not sell accessories, we sell emotions"


Foundier Dott. Raffaele Pascucci


ATTEX is presented in the fashion world since 1965 and today we are considered one of the best producers and creators of fashion accessories in Italy !!

We are producer of accessories as ties, bow ties, supenders, belts, scarves, gloves, shawls, ponchos and accessories for woman and man
We produce all kinds of cashmere, silk, wool, linen and mixed fabrics, ALL MADE IN ITALY.
Every week we develope new designs to be always fashionable and satisfy our customers in the best way.

Our designs are conceived directly by our designer and our craftsmen, who have exploited our strong point, have the opportunity to mix the innovative techniques of Cad design, with the old and renowned handmade tables , to develop unique and inimitable products, owned by Attex.

Our strengths are:

-Tradition, for our archive

-Nearness, for our position in Europe

-Flexibilty, we can produce small quantity in fast time

So what are you waiting for contact us and we are sure that with our products you will be able to find the style that suits you !!

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ATTEX s.r.l.
Via Adige, 4 - 22070
Luisago CO - Italy
Tel: +39.
 Fax: +39.
 Attilio Pascucci - Sales Dept.
 Mobile: +39. 335.80.90.119